Soldier Homecoming Surprise - Surprise Soldier Homecoming - Surprise Homecoming Soldier

Download Soldier homecoming surprise with police escort! This is a dramatic view of the Christmas soldier homecoming surprise this soldier did for his children! This video ranks up their with other soldier homecoming surprises in 2017.

Jenks Soldier Surprises Mom With Unexpected soldier homecoming surprise
JENKS, Oklahoma -
A Jenks soldier pulled a soldier homecoming surprise on his mother. Specialist Matt Cyrus arrived in Green Country Thursday night.

Cyrus's mom works at Jenks West Elementary and was giving a speech Friday on the importance of supporting our troops, when she was interrupted with a soldier homecoming surprise.

Just as she was hitting the high point of her speech, someone interrupted. At first, Suzanne thought someone was being rude before soldier homecoming surprise!

"I just saw three soldiers walking in, I didn't see my son and they got about halfway up and it just hit me," explained Susan.

Matt is a military intelligence analyst stationed in Afghanistan. He told his mom his leave had been canceled and he couldn't see her again until his deployment ended next year. But everyone else was in on the secret.

"I've seen this happen and you always wish it was you that it happened to, then it's happening and I really thought I was just dreaming the soldier homecoming surprise," Suzanne said.

Cyrus took pictures and got to meet some of the children who wrote him letters. He plans to spend the rest of the time with family, including mom, who got to take the rest of the day off.

"Just seeing her for the first time being back, that's enough. Just to see her so happy, so joyous, that's what's worth the soldier homecoming surprise," Specialist Cyrus said.

Specialist Cyrus will be home for two weeks before he heads back to Afghanistan. He plans on just relaxing and eating home-cooked meals. He expects to be home for good by April.

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Soldier hugging his child. Dogs welcoming soldiers home. Couldn't stop smiling. You have to watch this!! soldier homecoming surprise Gives Brother With Autism the Joyful Surprise of His Life. Try not to smile. His joy is infectious! Soldier homecoming surprise for His Brother (who has Autism). Please watch. Pray for all these men and women, and thank them for the sacrifice they make for us to have the freedom we do. The Best Surprise Military Homecomings: PART TWO. Deployed soldier returns home to surprise daughters
U.S. Army Sgt. Gregory Holloman waited more than nine long months deployed in Kuwait to hug his daughters again.

And it took all the restraint he could muster not to flip on the lights and do just that when he returned to soldier homecoming surprise his Grovetown home in the early hours of Wednesday. He was holding back to surprise his daughters Jocelyn, 5, and Karma, 4, at their day care center, Learning, Laughter and Love in Grovetown.

“That was the first thing I wanted to do,” Holloman said. “It took a lot not to just go in my own house and wake them. .. I didn’t want to ruin the soldier homecoming surprise and wake them.”

Holloman said because of a complication with his flight, he bought his own airline ticket into Atlanta just to get home to his family.

Jocelyn and Karma thought they were going to celebrate Cupcake Day at the day care. The last cake read “Welcome Home” and their father walked in and crept up behind them to get those hugs he waited too long for. He didn’t know if they’d run to him, cry or even be angry and not speak to him.

“I was just thinking I didn’t want to be the first one to cry when I walked in the door,” Holloman said. “I just wanted to see their faces ... and have my family come together.”

After that, Holloman’s wife said, he’ll take 30 days leave and the family will celebrate and spend some time at the beach.

But she was honored to be a part of Holloman’s soldier homecoming surprise.

Holloman still has leave to look forward to, but he’s already gotten his soldier homecoming surprise gift.

“I’m happy to be home with my family,” Holloman said. “To finally be able to hold my kids. ... I’m really blessed right now.”
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Soldier Homecoming Surprise
Surprise Soldier Homecoming - Surprise Homecoming Soldier

Soldier Homecoming Surprise - Surprise Soldier Homecoming - Surprise Homecoming Soldier

Soldier Homecoming Surprise - Surprise Soldier Homecoming - Surprise Homecoming Soldier