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How to Educate Patients about The Effects of Poor Oral Hygiene to Their Health

Getting across the oral health information to patients by a dentist may be difficult at times, regardless of him knowing its importance. Telling patients who are stubborn to brush their teeth frequent as well floss more, for instance, is a challenge. When you are equipped with necessary information about oral hygiene, it will be easier for you to educate them. Ideally, various diseases in an individual are caused by poor oral hygiene. The health conditions might look to have no connections with the mouth, but it is a fact that poor oral hygiene has been linked to the increased risk of such illnesses.

Poor oral health causes diseases like the cardiovascular disease. Understanding that gums become inflamed as a result of bacteria and the same bacteria are capable of going to the blood is essential. Atherosclerosis is the condition that results when the bacteria reaches the arteries. Stroke development in your body or high blood pressure are some of the diseases your body get as a result of the conditions lead by the arrival of bacteria in your arteries. When you have poor oral hygiene; your brain can be affected negatively. Once your gum is inflamed, some substances are usually released and can cause memory loss. Ideally, some already conducted research suggests that dental conditions, for instance, gingivitis, increases the body risk of developing both dementia and Alzheimer’s illness.

By not observing oral health, there are chances of becoming infertile. Infertility is a significant number of women is directly connected with their poor oral health. Swelling from time to time and serious illness occur as a result, and their effect on fertility is adverse. Another condition is respiratory infections. A bacteria can move from the mouth to the lungs very quickly. From there it can trigger the respiratory infections.

There also chances of contracting cancer. Smoking or using products of tobacco increases the chances of the throat and oral cancer. Unhealthy habits like frequent brushing as well as flossing can also raise the risk of developing other types of cancer.

Kidney complication can come as a result of poor oral health as well. It does not cause kidney cancer alone. It brings about more complications of the kidney. It is because of the week immune system that those with poor oral health suffer from.

Finally, consider talking to your patients about the health conditions that may be caused by poor oral hygiene in a considerate way. This may give them the motivation they require to change their way of living. Your patients will not be in a position to take your information when they feel attacked or judged. Hence, a criticism, complaining and condemnation strategies should not be used at all when talking to the patients. Additionally, consider talking to them about their goals, avoid sharing with them more than they require, give them an opportunity to ask questions and many more.

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